PEIE provides a welcoming environment for business and has a proven track record of success. In brief, the PEIE team is here to help. We’re proactive and very much pro business. We work in partnership with all the regulatory and support agencies, so we’re in a position to provide you with all the relocation facts you need, completely free of charge. PEIE’s management and estate aims and objectives are very clear and include:

  • Attract foreign investments to the Sultanate and localise the national capital.
  • Contribute to stimulating the private sector to achieve sustainable economic and social development.
  • Strengthen relations with the concerned authorities to ensure the overflow of investment process and overcome any obstacles faced by investors.
  • Reinforce cooperation with related international and regional organisations to boost the exchange of experience, knowledge and techniques used.
  • Develop our employees' skills and performance through a set of training programmes.
  • Contribute to creating new job opportunities to lessen the lack of employment opportunities in the country.
  • Encourage exports and the establishment of export industries; and increase the market share of locally manufactured products.
  • Stimulate the economic sectors in the Sultanate including transport, tourism, banking, among others.
  • Achieve environmental sustainability.