• Perform as a reference point covering all the issues and topics of interest to investors in the industrial estates
  • Apply a systematic methodology to follow up investors’ issues in the industrial estates
  • Build strong relationship with the tenants to contribute in the development of the industrial estates by organising meetings and entertainment events, and support the concept of one family with the investors.
  • Unify the new application system and deal with investors in all the industrial estates, including setting communication methodology
  • Facilitate the investment procedures in the industrial estates and assist in removing the obstacles faced by the tenants
  • Build close relationship with government authorities involved in the investment process
  • Provide data and feedback at the end of each year on the quality of the services provided within the industrial estates, and employ these data and information to develop the industrial estates
  • Overcome the difficulties faced by the tenants with the service providers in the estates and assist in creating partnership with the service providers to develop the services