on the right ,a photo of a factory in Raysut Industrial Estate Established in November 1992, Raysut Industrial Estate is located in Oman's southern region of Dhofar. The estate covers an area of 3,069,607 sqm, including warehouse facilities of 30 hectares. Sixty three hectares of the estate have already been developed and are serviced and subdivided into industrial plots ranging from 1,350 to 11,000 square metres.

Raysut Industrial Estate is four kilometres from the strategically placed Port Salalah, the only port between Europe and Singapore that can accommodate the S-class – the world’s largest class of container vessel. The Port is in a position that offers easy access to the Gulf, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and the east coast of Africa. It is, therefore, in an ideal position for ships sailing between the east coast of the US, Europe and the Far East. With plans to establish a free zone adjacent to the port, there is the potential to make Salalah a major air-sea cargo hub and centre for industrial development, capable of handling next generation container ships of 10,000 - 12,000 TEU containers. Indeed, given the Port’s development, as well as plans to initiate a free zone, Raysut Industrial Estate’s popularity with international investors has seen a marked increase. As a result of this, the government is expanding the Estate and has begun to supply it with subsidized natural gas. Raysut Industrial Estate is home to manufacturers producing a range of products, such as: school stationery, box files, ice, fish processing, frozen chickens, PVC pipes, steel fabrication, medical supplies, solar heaters, flour, fertilizer and vegetable oil.