Sohar Industrial Estate covers an area of more than 21.6 million sqm, of which more than 10.7 million sqm have been developed and equipped for investment. Inaugurated in November 1992, and ideally located mid-way between Muscat (200 kilometres) and Dubai (180 Kilometres), Sohar – Oman’s garden city – offers tenants easy access to domestic as well as international markets. On the estate’s doorstep is Sohar Port, which is recognised as one of the main commercial ports in the country. The Port has a depth of 17 metres, deep enough to accommodate fifth generation container vessels. Indeed, the Port has generated considerable international interest in Sohar Industrial Estate. Production on the estate includes: marble; paper recycling; foodstuffs; detergents; leather; furniture; toothpaste; beverages; ice cream; resins; glass, steel bars; and engine oil.