Knowledge Oasis Muscat's (KOM) Digital Nation series of seminars are a unique set of quarterly seminars that bring together creative professionals, business leaders, techies and students to discuss the emergence, challenges, opportunities and implications of the digital lifestyle. Indeed, Digital Nation is all about the convergence of people, ideas, disciplines, technologies and progress.

KOM’s Digital Nation Seminar Series is all about bringing together, celebrating and strengthening Oman’s digital community. It gathers the diversity, innovation and creativity of everyone involved in a tech and digital focused activity with an aim to encourage sharing, growth and innovation.

Indeed, companies, government agencies and individuals can really get a lot out of the Digital Nation Seminar Series in so many ways, from creating and encouraging discussion and learning new skills to networking and developing new relationships. It’s about sharing and absorbing. As a platform for exchange, the more people that get involved the more everyone benefits