The first key step on the road to sustainable manufacturing is to evaluate and measure the environments performance. An increasing number of companies are realizing considerable financial and environmental gains from sustainable practices. Sustainable manufacturing is the manufacturing of products through practices and processes that are economically- sound while reducing the negative impacts on the environment by energy conservation and protecting natural resources. Sustainable manufacturing improves community, employee, consumer and product safety along with helping companies to save money and enhance competitiveness.

Objectives - to measure company’s environmental performance and make decisions to improve it:

1) Why companies should pursue sustainability: 

Increase operational efficiency by reducing cost and waste, responding to or reaching potential customers and increasing competitive advantage, protect and strengthen brand and reputation while building trust, Building long term business viability and success , ease at employee hiring and retention, part of CSR and HSE of an organization.

2) Tools and Practices

Companies who are engaged in the practice of sustainable manufacturing include those of all sizes, ages, and sectors. Companies move forward along the path to sustainable manufacturing by improving their internal performance and reducing their resource footprint. Ways that will help companies progress towards sustainability include:

  • A common practical framework to help make decisions, a set of core indicators, methodology on how to measure them, and guidance on how to collect and use data for internal decision making.
  •  Holistic view of environment sustainability – including air , water , energy , waste etc ; analysis of inputs, processes and products, linking improvements to financial costs and benefits, being easy to use for even non-experts and SME’s

  • Aims :
    - Address sustainability as an integrated system for company strategies
    - Focus on increase of competitiveness , reduction in risk and improving efficiency and revenue instead of main focus on cost-cutting
    - Focus on long-term through integration of sustainability across business functions
    - Usage of innovation , Scenario planning and strategic analysis
    - Work collaboratively with external stakeholders

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    Moderator Speakers

    Reservoir engineer-PDO
    Amal Steam
    Mr. Michael Katz
    Oman Aqua Science LLC
    Mr. Omar Al Riyami
    Development Advisor
    Mr. Soubhi Abdulkarim
    ACP Oman
    Ms. Shaima Al-Lawati
    Sustainable Square