Green PEIE Initiative


  • Reduction in carbon footprint while pursuing with industrial development activities

  • Continuously enhance renewable energy use

  • Energy conservation

  • Enhance green areas in industrial parks

  • Protect natural habitats within industrial areas

  • Reduction of e-waste

  • Encourage cleaner production

  • Set up at least one eco-industrial park

  • Ensure continued quality of life in the community, in terms of clean air, clean water, healthy food and safe environment.

PEIE exists in a country, which has pursued a developmental model that is slightly different from the general trend in the region. Since several years, this country, under the wise leadership of H.M Sultan Qaboos bin Said, has been following a sustainable development path. Development is also being distributed equitably throughout the country, be it in the case of infrastructure, healthcare or education. Oman stands out in the region with commendable national human capital formation, needless to say that this country also offers a unique topography in the region. PEIE, therefore, derive its USP from the environment in which it exist and would like to promise that this is an excellent land to do business, work, live and rejoice. Accordingly PEIE, as part of its new strategic plan, brought about the following broad changes in our industrial area development outlook:

  • To follow a live-work-play concept to nurture business or industrial agglomerations whereby defining and providing social infrastructure will go hand in hand with creating industrial infrastructure. This will have far reaching benefits in terms of reduction in transportation needs, enhanced leisure time, work-life balance and human productivity at work, needless to mention about fuel conservation and reduction in carbon footprint.

  • PEIE will follow a sustainable development policy with utmost care for the environment and natural habitats.

Action points:
Reduction in carbon footprint
: Bicycle pathways and walkways in industrial parks included in latest master plans; electric buses for mobility inside industrial areas; electric cars for patrolling by PEIE and security staff; energy efficient smart transits in large industrial parks
Continuously enhance renewable energy use:  Solar power for all PEIE administrative buildings; pilot project up and running at KOM; phased implementation in all estates.
Enhance green areas in industrial parks: 1000 date trees program at Sohar; will be replicated in all industrial estates. Green belt and leisure spot around the long wadi channel at Rusayl industrial estate. Promotional schemes for enhancing and maintaining green areas with participation from tenant firms.
Protect natural habitats within industrial areas: New master plans have considered protecting mountains and other natural habitats as much as possible. Some of these may be converted to recreational areas within industrial areas. 
Reduction of e-waste: Formulated a policy to extend the usable life of computers by either donating to needy students in schools or to PEIE employees, instead of dumping in the warehouse and waiting for a protracted process of auctioning after it has only a scrap value.
Ensure continued quality of life in the community:  in terms of clean air, clean water, healthy food and safe environment. Modern housing for industrial employees. Quality work-lunch program for industrial workers; healthy and clean packed food maintained at the right temperature; materials used for packing will be bio-degradable
Introduction of GREEN PEIE logo:  Every project and program that PEIE will implement will be evaluated through a matrix of factors to obtain RED, GREEN, YELLOW rating for each factor. A minimum number of GREEN and/or YELLOW label will qualify the project or program to become eligible to use the GREEN PEIE logo.
Integrated Technopolis:  Pilot project to demonstrate sustainable live-work-play environment (under implementation) .


Solar Panel in Operation at KOM


The Green Corridor Planned in the PEIE Technopolic Master Plan