London’s Pistachio Rose founder shares her experience at NBC

4/13/2017 8:57:30 AM


The National Business Centre (NBC), which falls under the umbrella of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), welcomed at the centre yesterday (Wednesday) the UK entrepreneur Rekha Mehr, founder of Pistachio Rose in London. Rekha shared her rich experience with the incubated companies at NBC in establishing her company, which is recognised today as one of the major companies in the United Kingdom. Pistachio Rose received a Great Taste Award as a mark of excellence and were named one of London’s Top Biscuit Makers, with Rekha herself being nominated for a Young British Foodie award.

Rekha was acquainted with the entrepreneurship landscape in the Sultanate, and the vision, mission and objectives of the National Business Centre. Recognised as a milestone project for entrepreneurs in Oman and acting as a prime platform to develop and support Omani entrepreneurs, the National Business Centre aspires to launch more business and investment ideas and present them to the community to boost businesses and initiatives up to the desired economic growth.

Rekha Mehr is passionate about supporting the growth of early stage companies as she worked with ministers, government officials and lobbyists to inform policy and better shape the business support landscape. Rekha was informed on the objectives of the centre, which comprise facilitating and supporting the growth of investable ideas into successful businesses; building entrepreneurial skills through dedicated and focused training, coaching and mentoring; and providing business support facilities from office space, administrative support, financial support and consultancy services that are crucial in ensuring the success and survival of new ventures.


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