National Business Centre organises ‘work-life balance for women’ discussion event

10/19/2017 8:56:48 AM


National Business Centre (NBC), which falls under the umbrella of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), organised yesterday (Tuesday) a discussion session on ‘work-life balance for women’ at the Knowledge Oasis Muscat. The event came in line with Omani Women’s Day which falls on 17th October of every year.

A number of Omani women entrepreneurs known for their success stories attended the event and emphasised on the role played by the women in the various fields in the society. Commenting on the significance of Omani Women’s Day, Fatma Al Riyami, Chief Executive Officer of Xeem, a company incubated at NBC, said, “Omani Women’s Day on October 17th of each year offers an opportunity to share the success stories of Omani women with the society. On its part, the society is undertaking great efforts to support the Omani women to achieve even more accomplishments.”

Al Riyami added that it is necessary for the women to pay an attention to have a balance between their businesses and their families. On her part, Etab Al Zadjali, co-founder of Cake Gallery, stated that she has received a great support from her family to start and develop her project. “The 17th of October means a lot to me and the fact that a day is dedicated to honour and appreciate the efforts of Omani women proves that the women have a significant impact in the development of the society,” Al Zadjali pointed out.

Shadya Al Ismaily, founder of Deema Oman, pointed out that it is difficult to have work-life balance but she emphasised that there are factors that contribute somewhat to achieve this balance. “Having a day dedicated to Omani women gives us a greater responsibility to deliver what is always better for the community. Personally, my family has been the biggest source of support while developing my business,” Al Ismaily said, adding: “It is vital to have objectives for any project to achieve its development and sustainability. Besides, one should not focus solely on business competition and ignore its progress. In fact, both sides should be considered at the same time in order for the business to flourish.”

It should be noted that the National Business Centre is an initiative launched by the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates at the Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM) to offer promising Omani entrepreneurs a platform to develop their business ideas and advance them into growing ventures. The centre aims at becoming the premier platform for Omani entrepreneurs by providing business development support and guidance, training and mentoring, access to markets and industry experts and state-of-the-art, fully equipped, office space, meeting rooms and presentation facilities.



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