PEIE organises workshop on investment regulations

10/30/2017 10:24:06 AM


The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE) organised recently a workshop on investment regulations, violations and administrative sanctions which were approved this year. The workshop, which was conducted in cooperation with Said Al Shahry Legal Training Centre, aimed at underscoring several topics related to the investment regulations. The workshop highlighted the legal frameworks and investment incentives which contribute effectively to the localisation of local investments and attraction of local and foreign investments. The Royal Decree (32/2015) and the regulations of PEIE include legal aspects related to several functions and requirements of PEIE that contribute to attracting and developing investments in all sectors. It also grants PEIE with additional incentives and benefits for several activities as well as the industrial estates in the area of opening doors for foreign investments with specific tax incentives to promote capability of regional competition. As per the Royal Decree, integrated investment outlets will be established within the industrial estates to provide government services with regard to the issuance of licenses, approvals, visas, activity registration, among other services.


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