My PEIE allows you to maintain a reliable database of your industrial or business activity. You can update and maintain your own database with utmost security. To start with, you will be provided a username and password. We request you to change the password immediately after the first log in.

This is the starting point for PEIE to serve you better and plan for all your future infrastructural needs. In fact, in a few months from now, you may have to deal with us mostly electronically. So, please do register and start updating all the fields.

As a PEIE tenant, it is mandatory that you register and update your database at the earliest; as the data entered by you in this database will be considered as your most updated declaration to us and to any government agency with which PEIE interact to serve you better.

We have taken utmost care to secure your data from being visible to any other user of the system. However, as in the case of any computer based system, we do not rule out the remote possibility of malign practices such as hacking in the cyberspace. PEIE cannot be held responsible or will not be able to compensate for any such malpractices by third parties; but we have taken every possible step to prevent that.

The data that you enter in this database are those you currently provide to the government agencies governing industrial licensing, commercial registration, company registration, and manpower related clearances. You also furnish most of the data to PEIE while you apply for a space. PEIE, as part of the governmental mechanism associated with industrial development activities, will be using the data for statistical purposes to make assessments about industrial sector concentration, industrial base within each estate, economic performances by sector and by each industrial estate, and for the necessary infrastructure planning. All of these are aimed at evolving policies and programmes needed to support and serve you in a better manner.

All the individual data and other information will be treated as highly confidential, and will never be published for individual establishments or firms. Consolidated figures by sector or by industrial estate, and any other such economic and statistical reports that are needed from time to time may be available in the public domain, without any reference to individual firms. However, name, contact and location details, product names, etc. of the individual firms will be made available in PEIE website.

By using this system, the user agrees to the above terms and conditions.