What is PEIE?
Since 1993, and from its head office in Rusayl - 30 kilometres north-west of Muscat – the Public Establishment of Industrial Estates (PEIE) has been responsible for developing and managing over 41,000 hectares of prime industrial land - in Rusayl, Raysut, Sohar, Nizwa, Buraimi, Sur and on the Al Mazunah Free Zone - all suitable for manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and office space. 

Who do I contact?
For further information on PEIE estates, contact us on: info@peie.om top

What’s the procedure to set-up a new business in Oman?
 Initiating a New Project: 

  1. Submission of the completed application form together with a copy of the industrial license and the preliminary environment approval from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources.
  2. PEIE’s Technical Affairs Unit will evaluate the application, consider possible site locations and the project’s required services.
  3. Official notification of the project’s evaluation.
  4. A plot of land will be assigned to the project. A further plot may be added if applicable. 
  5. Appraisal of building designs and the issue of building permits subject to the project meeting the necessary building regulations.
  6. On completion of the buildings, electricity, water, gas and telecommunications will be supplied in co-ordination with the appropriate authorities.
  7. Commencement of operation can only begin once the property has been inspected by the Directorate General of Civil Defense of the Royal Oman Police and representatives from the Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources.  

Should we talk to PEIE?
PEIE’s progressive attitude and flexible approach to meeting the varied needs of its tenants has become an industry model which is emulated across the Gulf. In fact, PEIE is positively enhancing Oman’s position as the region’s leading centre of manufacturing excellence, business innovation and entrepreneurship. Should you be trying to establish whether PEIE’s services and facilities would be of benefit to you and your business, then we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your specific needs and requirements. If you are thinking of launching or expanding your manufacturing or distribution business in the Middle East, we strongly encourage you to talk to us. PEIE has the experience, infrastructure, workforce and government committed to fostering the best business environment in the region. Take a closer look, PEIE has much to offer. 

What’s the Omani workforce like?
A well-trained and adaptable workforce is one of the Sultanate’s greatest assets. Oman-based universities, colleges and training institutes have a reputation for excellence in providing courses that meet the needs of local and incoming businesses. PEIE residents are thereby able to tap into an enthusiastic and adaptable international and multilingual workforce. Recruitment rates compare very favourably with other GCC states for management, skilled labour, sales, administration and secretarial posts. 

How well connected is Oman?
Today, as a member of the WTO and founding member of the Gulf Co-operation Council and the Indian Ocean Rim Association, Oman is a dynamic, multicultural and multilingual business community strategically placed on regional and international communication grids that offers PEIE residents full access to markets in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent, Africa and the Far East. International as well as domestic businesses have been attracted to PEIE developments, not only by their excellent geographic location but also by their accommodation, facilities, support services and tranquil and secure setting. Oman’s communications are second to none, with access to road networks, port and cargo handling facilities and an international airport all within easy reach, access couldn't be quicker or more convenient. 

How does PEIE view its tenants?
PEIE recognises that the customer is paramount to the continued success of its business and therefore offers excellent service from the first point of contact and throughout the duration of its leases. Indeed, the most important decision a company makes when locating or re-locating its business is getting the right site or premises. The availability, suitability, choice and quality of premises helps business not only with their image but also with their long-term success. Factors important to domestic and international investors, employers and employees can all be satisfied in the Sultanate. For example, low cost land and premises combined with a high quality of life make Oman an excellent place to live and work. Oman’s workforce is skilled and reliable and transport and communication links are world class. Add to this a highly proactive pro- business government, keen to attract inward investment and it is clear the opportunities are here for the taking. 

Are PEIE companies successful?
In today’s inter-connected global marketplace, being a manufacturer is a risky undertaking, and we cannot promise success. However, we can promise that at PEIE we will do everything possible to help businesses succeed. To date, we have helped house and launch hundreds of successful companies. Indeed, PEIE-based manufacturers of mattresses, paints, fibre optic cables, foodstuffs, textiles, marble and batteries have become major brand names in the Middle East and beyond. 

What services does PEIE offer its tenants?
PEIE works closely with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Oman Chamber of Commerce, the Omani Centre for Investment Promotion, Export and Development, permitting and regulatory organizations, utility providers and others to develop the partnerships that assures business success. Moreover, it assists companies in assembling sites, developing buildings, facilitating permitting, assessing infrastructure needs, reviewing incentives available for projects as well as helping firms market and promote their products.